Walter Taieb is a unique musical talent. As comfortable hand writing a complex score for a full symphonic orchestra, deejaying for thousands of people, conducting Mahler, Mozart and Tchaikovsky or as an electronic musician, composing, performing, producing and engineering international club classics such as " I Luv U Baby" under the name The Original.

He studied Theory & composition at The Juilliard School with Philip Lasser and orchestra conducting with Rolf Reuter  (Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin) and at the Ecole Normale de Musique De Paris.

Walter is also a conceptual photographer. In 2013, The Neveda State Museum in Las Vegas gave him a solo exhibition for his work, Portraits Through Books.

His fashion photography and videos are successful as well and have been featured in C-Heads, Cake and many other fashion magazines,

Full length articles about Walter Taieb can be found in: The Atlantic USA, Sound On Sound

UK, Keyboards FR, Elgar FR, BBC Music Mag UK, Resmusica FR, Gala FR, Le Monde De

La Musique FR.

Rêves Lumineux

Walter Taieb's new album will be released March 8 2017 on Merkevah Records. It was composed, conducted and performed by Walter through out 2016 with performances by the Las Vegas Chamber Symphonic Orchestra. 

It was conceived as the first volume of an upcoming series of symphonic "mood" albums ideal to listen to while meditating, relaxing, concentrating, falling asleep or feeling melancholic. 

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