Although you've probably never heard Walter Taieb's name, you have, in all likelihood, heard his music. He was responsible for a large number of dance music hits, such as 'I Luv U Baby', (seven million sales worldwide, number two in the UK charts in 1995), 'It Feels Good' and 'On Top Of The World', and also did remixes for the likes of Cher and Gloria Estefan. None of these were released under Taieb's own name, hence his relative obscurity. In addition, some intrepid readers may know him as the composer of The Alchemist, a symphonic work based on the eponymous, best-selling book by Paolo Coelho.

Maestro Taieb was once a child prodigy, constructing his first studio at the age of 16, around a Commodore 64 computer. After an impressive career in dance music in France, he moved to New York City and created his own studio at Times Square, based eventually around an Euphonix desk and a Pro Tools system. Dance music was still the name of his game, but something pulled him towards classical music and the legendary Juilliard School of Music, where he studied composition.

The Alchemist (1997) did well for an unknown composer's work (it was released worldwide by RCA Red Seal,) but as it was full of romantic, 19th century-like string writing and based on a novel that's popular with New Agers, it became bracketed as New Age music. Taieb had another stab at the classical limelight with a track for cellist Caroline Dale, 'Empires Of Light', which was released on Dale's 2002 album Such Sweet Thunder. As it happened, the album's executive producer, Rob Dickins, was creative consultant for Vanessa-Mae's Choreography (Sony Classical).

Choreography ultimately features three Walter Taieb compositions, 'Bolero For Violin And Orchestra', 'Tango De Los Exilados' and 'Tribal Gathering'. 

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Education: Juillard School Of Music, Ecole Normale De Musique De Paris

Main Skills: Composer, Conductor, Arranger, Orchestrator, Producer, Sound Engineer, Pianist, Keyboardist

Miscellaneous Skills: Photographer, Videographer, Colorist, Film Editor.

Main Computer Programs Used: Cubase, Sibelius, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Davinci Resolve.

Rêves Lumineux

Walter Taieb's new album was released March 8 2017 on Merkevah Records. It was composed, conducted and performed by Walter Taieb through out 2016 with performances by the Las Vegas Chamber Symphonic Orchestra. 

Tango De Los Exilados

One of my most popular tune. I had to figure out how to compose a Tango. I had the Tango scene from Scent Of A Woman with Al Pacino for inspiration

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