From Walter Taieb the composer of The Alchemist's Symphony comes Rêves Lumineux a new album bringing classical music and new age a step closer.

The Alchemist's Symphony was release with the full support of best selling Author Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) who wrote an original text for The CD. At the time, the album was already seen as filling the gap between Classical and New Age music. Since this release Mr Taieb studied orchestra conducting in Berlin with Rolf Reuter, who had a major influence on his musical development. Part of his education was directed into controlling energy flows and stated meditation and yoga. He gave a long interview for the French Classical music magazine ResMusica about his process and discoveries. 

However, overwhelmed and intimidated by his in-depth study of the great masters he took a long break from tonal melodic compositions until he finally realized that he could also apply the sensations of energy flows he acquired to his compositions. The result is his new project " Rêves Lumineux". It was recorded and mixed in his home with the Las Vegas Chamber Symphony. The new album will be released March 8 2017
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